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I offer free electronic copies of my published e-books, with excerpts occasionally featured in my posts. Mostly I publish new essays when completed, that frequently tie in with previous books.

Never Explain, my mother used to say, it will only get you into More Trouble. Every arrant son can blame their woes on not heeding motherly bromides. I’m no different, except that she wanted me to be a writer. That one I took to heart.

This helps explain why a short lesson on how to fathom my substack essays is needed. Not to blame you for lacking reading comprehension skills. Just upping the game for highly literate readers, with multivariant synaptic structures. Consider yourself special.

Puzzle Palaces, brain expanders, guaranteed to stave off dementia and decrepitude. Some Clues. Capitalized Concepts can be unpacked like overstuffed suitcases of symbolism. Alliteration always ambushes my prose poems, as hieroglyphic cipher. I Like Big Words. I love the Right Word. Context assists definition.

I trained in objective journalism forty five years ago, learned the 5 W’s and inverted pyramid lede. Won journalism awards. Of course, I can write simple declarative sentences in the past tense. Real Journalism style. Stenographer of Just the Facts, Ma’am.

Wrote several books that way. Wouldn’t bore you with reading them, unless you wanted to learn more about their subject matter than reading many dozens of books, articles, essays by contrarian experts.

Distilled condensed versions from massive tomes of material, painstakingly providing equivalent evidence for extraordinary claims. Those are for the heavy lifters, bookworm grindstoners. Well worth the price of admission, since they are Free to any Subscriber who asks.

These scripts aren’t subject to objective rules. A picture’s worth of words, occasionally a triptych. Glittery to alleviate retinal dullness. Pixie Dust to expand readers attention deficits. Safer than short acting Ritalin, with similar weight loss results.

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